PLEASE NOTE: Always call before visiting our Melbourne showroom to make sure we are available and have prepared the harps for viewing customers! 03 9752 5763. Business hours Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 4 pm, by arrangement.


Welcome to Harps Australia

Australia-wide dealers of
 Lyon & Healy pedal and lever harps
Salvi pedal and lever harps
and our Sophia range of lever harps.

                  Rentals & Sales inclusively serving the Harp Community since 1995

No Joining Fee to purchase or rent harps or any other services; competitive discounts and fully itemized and fair quotes offered to all our customers and to all teachers!  

                             Rentals available subsidised delivery fees if needed in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne & some country areas.

              Short term lease for weddings, events and photography

next Travelling Showroom and Flying Harp Doctor Clinic 

Harps Australia 2017 mid April   in Sydney

Full stock of quality lever harp rental and sale instruments available for teachers, schools, students to view, play and make arrangements to hire or buy. Lyon & Healy Ogden 34s, Troubadour 36, Salvi  Gaia 38 Ana 40. for sale. Sophia lever gut and Taliesin pedal gut strungs harps in our quality rental pools around Australia. 

 Free assessment and advice for schools and student lever harp problems.

 Repairs/Quotes/formal written assessments as needed.

          Dates and Venue TBC


      Harps Australia  has been serving the harping community for over 20 years. We supply affordable, world class instruments, and provide new players with the opportunity to rent before buying. We offer a full deduction of the first  rental period  for rental customers who purchase either  new (34 string size or larger)  instruments  or, in certain cases by arrangement prior to rental,  the harps that they have rented from us, pedal harps and lever harps alike . All our rental instruments are maintained at the highest standards. We provide both Celtic (lever)  and Concert (pedal) tension instruments.

 Pedal harp rentals include Lyon and Healy,  Ayoma and Salvi concert harps. Short and long term leases available. 

We have served  professional customers from as far afield as Andre Rieu, Florence and the Machine, Joanna Newsom, and film production with Pierce Bronson, Fox studios, the ABC, Forever New, The Johnson Museum, Chunky Moves, Opera Australia, Orchestra Victoria and the list goes on!

We stock Lyon and Healy and Salvi pedal harps, including the Ogden, GAIA, Ana, Juno, Troubadour and Prelude lever harps. We also have a range of 22, 27 and 34 string Sophia/Taliesin harps available in a variety of finishes. These come with a high quality padded bag for safe travel.  Ex-rental, or used instruments are sometimes available for sale. See special and used harps page, or contact us on 03 9752 5763.


PRICING: Our pricing is the same in AUD as prices quoted on the Lyon and Healy and Salvi web sites.  Itemized invoices include freight and GST. No more. We handle all the customs paperwork and shipping and delivery details for your peace of mind at no extra cost.                                  We do not quote out of date prices!!

Please note: Banking TT ( Telegraphic Transfer) rates are below current exchange rate, but are superior to Travelex rates. Bank TT rates are what banks charge for international money transfers; this is the rate we use to calculate  prices from the Lyon and Healy and Salvi suppliers. Contact us for shipping rates for the harp of your choice. Cut and paste the link below to see the latest TT rates:


Nothing like a new Style 85CG!! (Published with thanks and permission from one of our excited customers!)

Harps Australia School initiative: Create heavenly music in a school near you!




Braemar College Harpsaustralia choir (with permission)
Where you will find Harps and Harps and Harps!!

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