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Style 23 wedding and event harp.

         Harps Australia is proud to now have available for hire one of the most beautiful harps ever made: the Lyon and Healy Style 23. Originally designed in 1890, it is still being produced in its original form to this day. With beautiful carving and 23 carrot gold leaf, the Style 23 is the perfect compliment for those events which require both style and elegance. 

Deon Ning, Harpist

                  This beautiful instrument is available from $220 for each days hire. Harpists for the event are also available at a base rate of around $350, but will need to be negotiated according to your personal requirements. They include Deon Ning, Alanah Guthrie-Jones and Julie Raines. Call us for more information.

Bookings are essential. Contact us on 9752 5763.


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