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Current Harps Australia supported schools & Youth/Community Orchestras:

The Harps Australia rental area has grown from supplying harps to the students of a growing list of prominent teachers in Melbourne, Sydneyand Canberra, to supplying school music harp programs schools nation-wide.  

 Our harps have founded or supported programs at:

 Avila College, ANAM (Melbourne), Braemar College, Cornish College, Danebank Anglican School for Girls (Sydney) Fintona Girls School, Genazzano FCJ College, Ivanhoe Grammar, Melbourne High School, Methodist Ladies College and the Music Academy of Melbourne,  Monte Saint’ Angelo Mercy College (Sydney), Radford College (Canberra), St. Catherines School (Toorak),  Toorak College, Trinity Grammar School (Melbourne), Wesley College, Yarra Valley Grammar

Several Events pedal harps are available to community and youth orchestras for short- term or hire events.   

School Harp Rental, and Lease Program:

Pedal gut, and Lever gut tension harps are available.   Pedal harps are available for school lease.

Three flexible options are available to support school harp program rentals. 

Option 1. The school may choose to rent one or more instruments that will remain at the school for lessonsandfor harp ensembles(6 monthly rental cost varies by sizeand string tension as per Harps Australia website, Rental Harp area).

Option 2. Or if the school is beginning a new school harp program or expanding/restarting one, the school may rent one or more instruments to sublet out to students for introductory purposes, conditions apply and the school carries full responsibility for the instruments.  The harps may only be sublet by the school during a period of one year, then instruments must be purchased by the school. The first 6 month rental period may come off purchase price if the school goes on to purchase from Harps Australia.  The school is also available of our trade in/trade up programme for Salvi and Lyon & Healy lever harps and pedal harps.

The School is responsible for all paperwork, care of the harp and student accountability. Schools are not allowed to sublet or re rent harps to their students.

Schools may like consider giving a student rebate for private hire, thereby reducing the schools administration and maintenance concerns while supporting talented harp students.

 3. Harps Australia handles privaterentals for family and students, we have a growing rental pool of around 60 harps in a number of Australian cities and country areas both lever and pedal harps. In the case of private harp rental the rental contract the care and responsibility for the harp and payment of rental fees or pedal harp leaseare  contractual arrangements between the parents or guardians of individual students.  The first 6 month private rental period can come off purchase price (to the family) if  families go on to purchase from Harps Australia.  They are also available of our trade in/trade up program for Salvi and Lyon & Healy lever harps and pedal harps.

 The private rental system allows for the full first rental period of lever harps andpedal harps may be applied in full to the purchase of an instrument from us (conditions apply). 

 The Harps Australia School Program Instrument Range:

Sophia harps: specially designed school instruments.

The three harps in this sturdy and colourful family of instruments are perfect for young players, and are featured in a growing number of school harp programmes. Affordable yet high in quality, they are designed to meet the needs of children from early childhood music programmes to Junior and Senior School and adult lever harp players. See the Sophia Harps and Taliesinpage for details of these instruments.

 More advanced students may choose more advanced instruments in our rental or sales pool that can lead on to classical pedal harp studies including the 34 string Lyon and Healy “Ogden 34 string” (pedal harp tension) and Salvi’s Gaia 38.

 A limited number of pedal harps are available for students  advancing into pedal harp study and for school orchestra harp playing if chromatic pedal changes are required in the music:

 Pedal Harp and higher string tension instruments:

The following instruments are suitable or those students and schools advancing into Pedal Harp study and for school orchestra harp playing if chromatic pedal changes are required in the music:

Two Lyon and Healy Chicago Style Pedal harps to the back and their top lever harp, a 40 String Prelude harp in front.



The Ogden 34 concert tension lever harp.

The Ogden 34 concert tension lever harps are available to schools for hire or purchase.

Introducing a  School Harp Program 

Introductory Harp Workshops Provided by Harps Australia

Harps Australia can provide introductory 30-50 minute hands-on sessions for schools, this is an excellent way for a school to begin a school harp program.  Groups of 6 to10 children and (their parents) are invited to lean about the harp: Its history, how it is played and how it is built, and in some workshops, they can experience storytelling and the harp. A group of small, multi- colored harps and several other sizes and styles of harps are provided by Harps Australia for the workshops, and most of the children (and their parents and teachers) learn to play a simple tune and round.


Three different workshops are designed to be suitable for following age ranges:

Prep-Yr 3 30 minutes, Yr. 4-7      40 minutes, Yrs. 7-12    50 minutes.

Several workshops may be offered in a day at any given school if there is enough interest, usually through a school newsletter.

School workshop charges to the school:

1 workshop: $120 2 workshops: $150, 3 workshops: $175.


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