Harp Support Programmes

Harps Australia has been serving Australia’s harp community since 1995 by providing hand crafted and quality instruments.  An expansion in 2014 allowed us to broaden our scope by becoming first Lyon and Healy and Salvi pedal and lever harp dealers in addition to providing our own brand of instruments and quality but affordable manufactured instruments. Recently we have become the sole Australian Distributors/Wholesalers.  Our current work also  includes rentals, sales and schools programmes.

In the past year and a half we have been able to expand our service to harpists, teachers and students through a number of community support programmes and initiatives, seeking to leave a legacy behind us when one day we retire and pass our work and business on to others.

We are currently active in the following areas:

  • Support of harp positions in community orchestras

  • Scholarships for learning opportunities for student harpists

  • The creation of a “Harp Reservoir” of instruments to assist students/families in need of f support to obtain a pedal harp as they advance in their studies. 

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