Community Orchestras-Harps Australia Partnerships

Harps Australia are partners with a number  community orchestras. Our goal is  to support a harp position,  coveingr parts that might otherwise be played by keyboard players because of the expense of hiring a harp and harpist.  Our first choice is to support advanced students where possible by offering a generous honorarium that allows them to gain valuable experience in playing a wider range of orchestral works than may be available to perform in their school’s or their tertiary institution’s orchestra.

On occasion, when due to geographical location, a student harpist is impractical, we are able to provide a fee for a  professional harpist to play with a community  orchestra.  In this way community orchestras outside major cities can experience the harp and the magic it adds to the composer’s score.  This also opens up the opportunity for harp students in those areas to learn from excellent teacher/performer and possibly even set up remote learning situations because Harps Australia can provide affordable but excellent quality harps for students of all levels.

Orchestras who will benefit from the Harps Australia- Community Orchestra partnerships in 2017 are:

Geelong Symphony (Victoria)-VCASS student Quinlin Hames (teacher Jacinta Dennett) age 12 for  Night on Bare Mountain

Geelong Symphony Orchestra with 12 year old harpist Style 150 Lyon and healy Concert Grand harp.

Whitehorse Symphony (Victoria)- Melbourne University student Daniel So (teacher Julie Raines) for The Moldau, Bolero and other pieces). 

Southern Highlands Symphony Orchestra (NSW) TBC.  Professional harpist and teacher Verna Lee


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