Harp Reservoir

Pedal harps are expensive and beyond the reach of many families to afford initialy when talented youngsters are advancing into VCASS, VCA or other tertery music institutions.  Or for students who study music at VCE music levels or the equivalent in other states, or who enter advanced AMEB or Trinity studies, and must move up to pedal harp from lever harp studies. As well, schools as  who wish to feature their young harpist in concerts or productions may not be able to afford a school instrument of their own.

Harps Australia’s pedal harp lease programme acts as a Reservoir, holding a pool of 9 pedal harps that can be used by families and schools.  The generous first full rental period can be applied to purchase, the next rental period half of the amount may go towards purchase, third rental period if needed 1/4 of the amount is applicable to the purchase of a new pedal harp from Harps Australia (or in some cases a used instrument that is hired out may be purchased.)  this helps to cover the affordability gap and may allow student’s studies to keep extending. until they are old enough to earn the money needed to afford their own pedal harp purchase. Or in the case of schools, until funds are available for the purchase of a school pedal harp.


Lyon & Healy Style 150 provided for a community performance with an orchestra by a talented youngster,  replaced by a smaller leased pedal harp from the Harp Reservoir.

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