Showroom Sale and Exhibition October 28 & 29 11am -3 pm Stock and Demo listings, sale prices


Current Used or Special Harps available: Contact Us for email Document or look on the Harps Australia Facebook page.



“Where Salvi and Lyon & Healy meet”

A special sale of showroom demo stock, used pedal harps, and new harps. Exhibition harp models that can be ordered will be available to play and hear. Lever and Pedal harps in stock, as well as the Sophia Collection: affordable, quality Lever harps 

Contact us for harps in stock or further information: And watch for listings or the Harps Australia Facebook page.

Saturday, Sunday October 28 &29 11:am-3:00 pm
Drop in for the only L&H and Salvi harp showroom in Australia where harp models can be compared side-by-side by students, teachers and parents.

Free delivery to central location in Sydney, door-to-door additional charge. Discounted shipping to Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
Enjoy a light lunch, refreshments, and a swim (bring bathers and a towel).
No harps allowed in the pool. 
Please RSVP (for our food preparation)

Suburban train, Belgrave Line. Airport connections from Southern Cross Station. Visitors can be picked up from nearby metropolitan train station 9752 5763 or 
Recommendations for nearby Bed and Breakfast options for Interstate travellers.





























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