Salvi Harps

Salvi Pedal and lever harps

Harps Australia is proud to announce the availability of the full range of Salvi harps to our customers. These beautiful instruments complement the Lyon and Healy range, offering the traditional European sound with a range of designs and finishes which can be customized to your personal preferences. These two fine instrument builders represent the best the harp world has to offer. We have some examples of these instruments in our showroom for you to assess. 

Some examples are below. Please contact us of any further enquiries on 03 9752 5763 , or  email us at wellsprings  2 @  yahoo  .com.  au     (close the gaps)

Salvi web site:

Also, special personalized harps are now available at the following address:

       40 string Ana                                                                38 string GAIA



38 string GAIA









The Ana is a quality instrument with beautiful styling, similar to the Prelude, but with traditional Salvi sound and finish. It is now available with gold plated levers to give a striking appearance.

The GAIA is a light weight but powerful 38 string harp, with pedal gut strings with an open and generous sound.  

A new addition is the Una Delux (below), a superbly innovative design with a really amazingly strong yet delicate sound, with a clarity almost like a harpsichord with a true celtic lilt.


Arianna (below)

This is one of the most extraordinary harps ever designed. It has the most beautiful wood work and finish I have ever seen. The quality of the inlay is reminiscent of 19th century fine furniture, with absolute attention to the selection of the timbers. The sound, of course,  is all you could want and expect



Probably the most remarkable instruments made. This harp almost defies description, with its twisted column and beautiful lines. 


 Egan electro-acoustic





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