Learn The Harp

Learn the Harp

Growing fascination with all things Celtic, is perhaps an expression of our yearning in the West to connect with our own lost cultural heritage of ancient Britain and Europe.

The harp, once known as “The Doorway between the worlds”, still speaks to an ancient yearning in listeners today.

Pull Your Own Harpstrings Workshops presents:

 Exploring the Celtic Harp Through Healing and Transpersonal  Connections

Teaching areas covered in this Introdutory Clas:s

  • Improvisation- connecting  without written music
  • Movement awareness as connection
  • Meditation experience  with harp
  • Basic technique and hand position
  • Finding simple tunes
  • Harps and Healing
  • Harping  resources.  There will be  follow on classes in different areas below: 

1. harp technique

2. healing sound and music

3. transpersonal connections to music and creativity. 

Introducing The Harp to Children: Set of three private introductory lessons for children ages 6-12 and their parents. At Harps Australia home in Tecoma, by appointment- weekly 45 minute lessons over three weeks covering the basic areas of harp learning including tunes, rounds and note-reading concepts.  Attention to simple foundations of good posture, hand shape and action…and of course having fun creatively exploring this magical instrument.

Opportunity for childrens harp choir and class lessons to form at a later date.

Please phone Harps Australia 9752 5763 or email us  (see “Contact Us” area of this website). 


Introductory Private Lessons for adults and teenagers are also available:      ( Check with us for availability.)

Set of 3 Private introductory lessons (about one hour long each) and take home small or medium sized harp loan for 3 weeks:
Cost: Children primary and high school age $95  Adults $120 (Returnable Harp Bond Required, $250). 

Beginning teaching areas include basic technique, movement awareness, improvistaion, simple tunes, modes and music tutor materials depending on student’s musical background and interests. Take home to keep materials for self study or future lessons.  Rental harps and harps for sale are available through Harps Australia.


Jacqueline Spring, BA Mus, Certified Music Practitioner

Founder of national Pull Your Own Harp Strings Classes-Melbourne and Sydney; Australia

Has been an active teacher and performer on the Celtic Harp since 1994. She gained her certification as a therapeutic musician ( Music for Healing and Transition Program) in 1997, also training with Tina Tourin’s International Harp Therapy Program. Jacquie currently teaches and presents at Conferences and in Webinars in both the USA and Australia. She is a graduate of  the Anamcara Project at the Sacred Art of Living in Bend Oregon, USA, studying the ancient and interfaith Anamcara traditions of spiritual care and accompaniment through life and death transitions. She also studied  in Latrobe University’s School of Public Health and holds a Bachelor of Pastoral Care emphasis on Palliative care. 

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