Mythic Harp Artwork featured Artist Nadia Turner

Unique Mythic Harp designs commissioned from  the amazing illustrator Nadia Turner.

“The Journeywoman”

For sale, currently on exhibition in Melbourne.



                   “Crane Harp”

This harp’s artwork was inspired by the work of Tina Tourin, founder of the International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP).  Celtic lore associates crane knowledge as arcane wisdom and teachings.  .  In both Eastern and Western traditions,  the crane is seen as a bird that  carries the soul to safety and rest, in China to “ the Western heaven” . In Celtic tradition, the soul was carried to the sacred “Isles in the West”.  In European prehistory, Crane dances enacted by shamans  symbolized  the journey of the soul through death, incarnation and rebirth.   Today, this ancient lore is enacted in the IHTP training of modern harpers to utilize  music to create “a cradle of sound” to accompany  and  comfort individuals in life-death or crisis transitions.  Nadia chose the cherry blossoms and delicate Asian style artwork as a fitting reference to the IHTP’s important work in Japan and Asia.

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