Sophia Harps 37, 34, 27 string harps


The Sophia Harp Collection

(See also Taliesin 34 pedal gut strung harp page)

 The Sophia harp collection makes up the backbone of our rental programmes in schools and for private harp rentals.  The Sophia model harps from our rental pool (Taliesin 34 pedal gut tension, Sophia 34 lever gut tension, Sophia 27 lever gut and lever nylon tension) are available for purchase after rental, the first rental period may be applied in full to a purchase of these instruments.  Purchase price is pre-determined before the rental commences and is based on the instruments cosmetic condition if it is a used rental instrument.   Or the rental period may be applied to purchase of a new  Lyon & Healy or Salvi pedal or lever harp.  


 An international partnership development with Harps Australia

These popular sturdy quality instruments are suitable for all children, ages five to eight.. They all have spruce soundboards with curved backs for comfort. They come with a quality  padded carrying bag, chromatic tuner and tuning key. Easily removeable legs of two sizes  make them  easy to transport. 

Sophia 27 string harp

Sophia 27 string harp

  Low C below middle C to  G above high C, lever gut, remainer are monofilament strings.  Medium-high  tension,  3 height levels with different sized screw in legs for different ages. Comes with three sets of Loveland levers, two sets of legs (long, short or may sit on the floor for very young players) and fully padded carry zip bag. Natural wood finish or ebony, other colours may be available in the rental pool. .

 (Additional levers may be added after purchase @ $33 per lever GST included).



 The Sophia 34 string harp suits ages 8-11 children (without legs) and 12 to adult (with legs). Low C to high A. Wire ( Pirastro  lever harp bass wires), lever gut and monofilament strings.  Natural, satin black, deep sky blue or white with gold artwork may be available  This harp is fully levered with Loveland Levers , and suits up to AMEB year 4/5.  A full padded carry bag, set of screw on legs and tuning handle are included. 












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