FAQ When Buying a Harp

The Search for the Perfect Harp

Question: How many strings are the right number to have on your harp?

Answer: One more than your current harp!

Author unknown…but frustrated…

Owning a harp is not a finite state, it is a process. Your first harp may not (in fact probably won’t be) your last. And a well-built harp will normally appreciate in value…there are always new enthusiasts looking for second hand instruments if you want to trade up, or for that matter down – people downsize for many reasons…portability, changing styles of music, your daughters college education……

Unfortunately there is only one builder in Australia we consider has honest and reliable quality instruments: Tim Guster in Adelaide. We cannot recommend any of the others I’m sorry to say. Some questions to ask your harp builder:

1. How long have you been building harps?

2. How many have instruments have you produced?

3. What background or training have you had in this work?

4. What guarantees cover your instruments, do conditions apply to this guarantee?

5. Is back-up help available for questions/problems?

6. Have any harps been sold near where you live so you could look at and listen to them?

7. Can any specific harp teachers be contacted who know your instruments?

8. What is the waiting time from deposit for the completed instruments?

Some builders are custom builders and only complete a few instruments a year.

Some builders may also trade-in and sell used instruments…its worth asking. But remember it is their livelihood, it is perfectly acceptable for them to make a reasonable profit on trade-ins.

9. What is the choice of levers used? How do they sound?

10. Can levers be added later, and by whom in your area?

Do-it-yourself for adding levers is possible here, but a bit fiddly.

11. What is the/choice of timbers and finishes?

The harp is an instrument that will bring much beauty and pleasure into your life… it is worth asking questions and looking around before you take the first step in the process of owning/loving a harp.

Details of our harps are on theĀ Prices & Harps pages.


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