Australian Prices 

  Delivery (if needed) from Harps Australia showroom extra. 

All Harps Australia lever harps have a conditional 3 year warranty.

All Lyon & Healy and Salvi pedal harps and lever harps have the company’s  standard conditional  warranty.


Sophia 22 string Children’s harp (ages 4-6)  $1,350 incl. GST F# Loveland Levers

Sophia 27 string    $1,950 incl. GST  with three sets of Loveland levers

Sophia 34 string. Available for rental only.

Taliesin 34 Pedal Gut string rental only.

Lyon and Healy   and Salvi Lever and Pedal harps: Current order price TBC see Showroom instruments for current stock and enquire through Contact Us drop down box for showroom prices. 

All Lyon & Healy and Salvi Lever harps and Pedal harps available by order. 


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