Australian Prices 

  Delivery (if needed) from Harps Australia showroom extra. 

All Harps Australia lever harps have a conditional 3 year warranty.

All Lyon & Healy and Salvi pedal harps and lever harps have the company’s  standard conditional  warranty.


Sophia 22 string Children’s harp (ages 4-6)  $1,350 incl. GST F# Loveland Levers

Sophia 27 string    $1,950 incl. GST  with three sets of Loveland levers

Sophia 34 string $2,930 GST incl.  Lever gut tension fully levered with Loveland levers, Pirastro bass wires.

Taliesin 34 Pedal Gut stringing: $3,150.

Lyon and Healy   and Salvi Lever and Pedal harps: Current order price TBC see Showroom instruments for current stock and enquire through Contact Us drop down box for showroom prices. 

All Lyon & Healy and Salvi Lever harps and Pedal harps available by order. 


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